Monday, February 26, 2007

An HGTV Overdose

I love spending/wasting all Saturday afternoons watching HGTV. A whole afternoon of Buy Me, Big City Broker, Million Dollar Listing, House Hunters International, Property Virgins, etc. Love love it! My PVR is really indispensable during my HGTV Saturday afternoons, as I often need to Pause it for spurts of cleaning/organizing/de-cluttering, whatever the current show is inspiring me to do. When I return in front of the tv I can fast forward commercials and I also fast forward whole shows that I don't care for as much, like the show about idiots who try to renovate or do electrical wiring although they have no clue what they're doing.

This Saturday after watching my HGTV afternoon, I started watching a "Buy Me" marathon on A&E. I kinda clockwork oranged myself with decorating shows that day..... Resulting in me moving big pieces of furniture around and using a reciprocating saw at 12h45am that night. (Well okay, I started to use it and Steph came to the rescue, scared that I'd accidentally amputate myself.) I'm pretty happy with the results! I moved a big long dresser out of my bedroom and into the living room, made a hole in the back and re-baptized it a media storage cabinet. All the wires are now hidden behind the dresser yay! I HATE wires showing everywhere! Now I just have to hide the wires that go from the tv to the electroncis. I have a plan, I just need to execute it. The details of the doors on the cabinets go really well with my big red reading chair I think. It looks almost exotic chic to me. Almost being the keyword. I took off the 2 mirrors that were on it, modified them a little to modernize, and hung those 2 mirrors on 2 different walls in my room, again with the help of Mr. Husband. Our room looks much bigger now. There's still the big giant king size bed in the middle taking a lot of space, but hey we're king size people and it's very comfortable :)

I'm thinking of attacking the Guest room next. It could use a little more space too. That room also has a long dresser with a huge ass mirror on top. But there's not really a point in that since none of our guests stay long enough to unpack all their things and stuff them in the 2 dressers. Plus even if they wanted they couldn't because the drawers are full of our crap LOL. I think the room would look better with just the tall dresser and bed. Maybe a reading chair. If the dresser was nicer I could use it as a buffet in the dining area, but it's really butt ugly and it's just drawers. No door.

But don't think I was good all weekend. Oh no. I broke my own 1 bookshelf maximum rule. I added another bookshelf. Just a tiny one. Gah! AND I binged on rice cakes and weight watchers chocolate cake. Result : Up 6lbs this morning. Ugh.


Scatterbrain said...

Sorry to hear you are up 6 stinky lbs. :-( But most of it is probably fluid bloat right?
But be like me and make today your start over day and they will be gone again by next Monday!! You can do it! you're doing so well, don't let one bingy weekend get you down.

miika said...

Wow, sounds like a super productive weekend! I love those shows as well, here you have to watch BBC Prime to see them :-)
Oh, and I want to see pictures!

Hobby Chef said...

Sounds like you're on a cleaning binge! Way to go!!