Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hey Rebecca,

Do you feel like coming all the way to Moncton to give me a massage? It's a balmy - 30 Celcius today. OMG I'm soooo sore! Richard Simmons kicked my ass! My back hurts when I take a deep breath. Holy crap. I think I might take a break from all the 'sparkling' tonight. I hadn't exercised in 3 weeks and I feel it now :-S That'll teach me. Although I don't know where I got my endurance. I was only going to pop in the DVD and go as far as I could... and I was shocked to realize that I had made it till the end! *jazz hands* :P

Here's for Lori and all the other photography nuts like us :

A very cool online camera simulator : Photonhead They also have a Beginner's guide to photography!

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Rebecca said...

Sorry babe, you're on your own, my body is waging war against me because of my own workout. Just think though, no pain, no gain! (Or loss in our case :)