Wednesday, February 21, 2007


What a NICE day eh ? It's supposed to be -3C this afternoon!! That's *almost* a + !! I'm soooo tired of the -30's and I'm tired of the wind chill factor. But most of all, I'm so sick and tired of freezing inside the office!! It was 66F, and as I was walking to the coffee maker, I slyly raised the temperature to 70. Aaaah. I was starting to feel warmer one minute, and the next I was freezing again. My coworker J was standing in the front windows, talking about "the rugrats outside" (kids pushed in a stroller), when a big chill made me shake so hard I looked like I was having a seizure. I said "UGH I'm so frozen". She said: Okay, I'll turn it up one degree, I had turned it down it was so hot in here. GAH! How can I weigh about 3 times her weight and be THIS frozen (as in purple fingers and I bet frost on my nose hairs, I kid you not) and her be this hot ? Is it the 20 cups of coffee they drink daily ?

So I finished reading "Marley & Me" last night. It took me SO long to finish the last pages because I was bawling my eyes out and I couldn't read the words! I don't know what I'll do when Loki dies. The book had me laughing hysterically at times, especially since Loki does some of the exact same things Marley did... like use the couch as a giant napkin! (Our previous couch, now he's not allowed anywhere near the new couch!) I think this book might have to go in my 'keeper' pile. (I have a one bookcase quota. I'm allergic to clutter. I was reading an article yesterday on 'how to store more books in small spaces, and the 'expert' (on crack?) suggested to build bookshelves AROUND windows to store books... ugh tackorama! No offence to those of you who store their books around their windows..)

I also started "Forever in Blue" and I'm already in love with it!! I love that I love all the actresses that played in the 1st book's movie. My favorite is Tibby. I brought the book at work and I'm going to read during my lunch hour and if no one will leave me alone I'll bring the book to the bathroom. There.

So WTF is up with the lack of blog updates yall?


Amanda said...

If you don't like my knitting updates, *poo* on you. LOL. *wink*

Rebecca said...

I'd like to know about the blogs as well! I need to read about all of my friends out there! (of course my life is boring but I just posted a blog for you to read!)

And Marley & Me? Yeah, I cried like an idiot at the end. My mom didn't even want to read the end because she knew what was going to happen!