Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I remember when we were young, all we had on our tree were plain shiny ornaments like this. These and lights. Sometimes tinsel hehe. So maybe that's why I love different ornaments so much now that I've got my own house to put my own tree in.

We have like 4 "First Christmas Together" ornaments LOL Here is the one that Steph bought me our very first Christmas together.

This is the one that my mom got us

Here is the one that Steph's mom got us

And as if we didn't have enough "First Christmas Together" ornaments, I went to the Christmas Craft Show at the Coliseum the year we got married, and it was so crowded I couldn't stand it, but I wanted to buy at least something, and this caught my eye so I got this "First MARRIED Christmas Together" one hehe.

Kelsie and Justine were discussing (blogging and commenting? hehe) How popular pomegranates are this year... Well they must be because look at the new ornament I just added to my collection this year hehe

And these are the other newbies in my group of ornaments.

Yes... I'm like a kid at Christmas, shut up :P My favorite parts of Christmas are the family traditions, the Christmas decorations, and giving to others.

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Lisa said...

Love the decorations!