Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nothing interesting to report..

But I feel like blogging (aka avoiding work) anyways, so I'll just ramble. So yesterday was my mom's 48th birthday. They drove down to Moncton and visited my brother and his gf and kids, then Steph and I met them at East Side Mario's for a birthday dinner. Then they went to the Capitol Theatre to see Roland Gauvin and Les Muses in concert while I finished wrapping the Christmas presents and Steph looked after Belle and Loki. They are like two tornadoes when they're together. Poor Loki will probably die a virgin. Am I supposed to have a sex talk with my dog ? Why does he not know how to shimmyshammy ? He grabs Belle by the HEAD (wrong end there buddy!) Okay sorry for the morning doggie porn mental images. Moving along...

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