Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

1 more day of work left before Christmas!!! Well two half days, or exactly 8 hours. YAY! There's only me and one other person in the office today. I'm trying my best to avoid work. I'm listening to k94.5 online, reading blogs, read the paper, snacked, and chatted with Justine for a bit! Yesterday I brought a Smarties Xplosions bar here at work, and a client came in mid-poppings LOL! I have NO idea if he noticed the popping/explosions going off in my mouth/throat as I was greeting him LOL!

Does anyone know the name of the artist/band who sings Jingle Bells, it plays on the radio sometimes, it starts really really slow and depressing, and then it goes really fast and upbeat with some piano solos and one time he says : Jingle Bells, Batman smells, robyn laid an egg.. ? LOL I tried googling for that but yeah... didn't find quite what I was looking for hehe. Then I realized that I was googling for "Jungle Bells Batman Smells" LOL

OOOH I just found it!!!!

This is just an abbreviated version of the song, so you should really download buy the whole song, it rocks!! *Dance*

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Sweet Pea said...

I love that song, lol!