Saturday, December 16, 2006

IK Xmas Party 2006

So Thursday night was Steph's IK Christmas party. I think it was the best one since steph began working there in 2002! It was pretty well organized. There was a Wii Sports/PS2 Guitar Hero station, a Karaoke station, a mini-basketball station, a shotglass limbo station, blinko station (which Steph won at hehe), and they even had a couple of yuk yuk comedians! Oh and let's not forget the best part : lots and lots of free drink tickets hehe

At some point Steph and I were standing next to a veggie platter munching on veggies and dip, and I was like : Why don't we actually like this at home ? Is it the fact that someone else cut it ? hehe Right before leaving, when I got my coat from the coat check, I actually knocked over the girl's tip jar and sent all the change flying everywhere... OMG how embarrassing lol The only other embarrassing thing was when it was so dark in there I couldn't identify whatever food was circulating on trays, and I picked one and was about to take a bite into it when Steph grabbed it from me, I was like WTF ? He's like "It's crab!" ACK! I'm allergic. Phew

You can see pictures here, but I'm not telling on which one I'm in the background because it's a horrible picture lol

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