Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Will someone interpret this ?

Those who I talked on MSN to yesterday will be happy to know that I slept very well last night! :P (I was being whiney yesterday about lack of good sleep.) But I had some really weird dreams.

Dream #1

I'm with 3-4 friends, we're in a campground, and someone leads us to our pic-nic table like we were waiting to be seated at a nice restaurant. When we got to our pic-nic table, we weren't happy because why couldn't we sit at the pic-nic table at our camping trailer ? Why did we have to sit on a table at someone elses's trailer ? Because we wanted to smoke pot and the smoke would drift into their open trailer windows and we'd get busted. I think my mom was in my group of pot smoking campers. LOL! It's been a loooong time since I've done that. Anyways, very weird. The weirdness doesn't stop here. I somehow realized that I had a really thick embarrassing beard stubble. In real life I am embarrassed with facial hair, but I get rid of it and thank God it's not a real beard, even though I call it that hehe. I was trying to hide my beard in my hands and some man walked towards me and says : Perfect! Good timing, it'll enforce your masculine image. (I had somehow morphed into a gay looking male star at that point.) And that's all I remember from that weird dream hehe.

Dream #2

Steph and I are lying in bed clothed, it felt like a Sunday afternoon nap or something. We had 2 children! A daughter that looked like she was around 3-4 years old, and a newborn baby boy. I was able to read the baby boy's thoughts kind of like Stewie LOL. So he "tells" me that he needs to use the bathroom, I ask Steph " Would you take your son to the bathroom?" Then I realize that he's a newborn and uses diapers hehe. So I pick him up in my arms and his diaper kind of explodes and seeps through his blue pyjamas and drips on the bed and carpet. I was woken up by the alarm clock as I was standing there with my dripping baby wondering how I could possibly have raised my older daughter if I had no idea how to take care of a baby ?

I've been thinking about those dreams all morning. The beard one because I've been thinking about inquiring about laser hair removal prices around here. Obviously I'm thinking more about the baby crap one hehe. Maybe I didn't know how to raise children at all even though the girl was older because we adopted them at the same time ?

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