Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What's new in the wonderful world of Crazymrsnancy ?

A brand new diet, that's what. Diet # 11. (Of 2006) Will this attempt be the final one ? Stay tuned to find out :P Well I did lose 7.3lbs of bloating the very first day, so that tells you how bloated I was hehe.

I've been meaning to finish this blog entry for the past like hour and a half.... new update : My coworkers never all go to lunch together (besides 2-3 times a year) and apparently today was one of those times. I said No Thanks. I can't walk into an Italian restaurant on Day 2. Especially since I'm not a big Italian food fan hehe. If it were asian food that would be another story.


Jenn said...

Nancy ~
What are you trying? Good call on not going to lunch. There's something about eating with others that never makes me stick to a diet.

Melissa said...

Good luck on your new endeavor Nancy! And way to go on saying "no" to lunch out!

Scatterbrain said...

yay Nancy!
Did I tell you that my friend Cheyenne said I could "store" her treadmill at my house?

Lisa said...

Good luck! What's the plan?

Amanda said...

Good luck, Nancy! IMHO, there is no good, healthy way to eat out. I'm tempted too easily! Yay for saying "no" to eating out!

Leah said...

YGG! I've pretty much hit a stall with my weight loss (but that's because my motivation is at a stall!)

What are ya doing? Anyways, good luck darlin'!!!