Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Disposing of Tuna Cans....

Remember when disposing of a tuna can was a mindless thing ? All you had to do was eat tuna, throw can in garbage receptacle of choice. Then they introduced this mandatory wet/dry garbage sorting program. Now you have to eat tuna, then preferably scrub tuna can, dry it, and throw it in the "Dry" garbage bag which has to be transparent and blue in color. If you don't have time to scrub and dry the tuna can then it's "wet" and should go in the transparent green bag.

You heard Mayor Mitton on the radio, "If it's gooey or wet, it goes in the green wet bag". (Has your city mayor ever said "gooey" on the radio?) Mayor Mitton was saying on the radio how proud and SURPRISED he is that after only 1 month of implementation, the wet/dry separation program has already reached a 99 % success rate.... Are you surprised ? When you're threatened with a fine up to 1000$ if you don't separate your trash, who wouldn't at least pretend to be separating their garbage ? (DH threw a doggie turd in the Dry bag the other day and refused to go dig for it back to put it in the appropriate bag!) And during the "grace period", if you weren't complying to the new garbage rules, you would arrive home from work to find big bright neon orange stickers slapped on your unpicked garbage bags for all your neighbors to see! How embarrassing.

I have to say though, I'm slowly getting used to it. After buying 2 new smaller garbage cans at 50$ a pop, after buying all new garbage bags and throwing my old garbage bags in the 'dry' bag of course, I'm slowly getting used to washing my garbage before disposing of it.

The whole purpose of the wet/dry program is to be more earth friendly. Therefore, why not go all the way ? Instead of wasting so much water rinsing your tuna cans, why not leave a little bit of tuna in the can, then maybe dab a little tuna water on your pulse points, and go outside and have the neighborhood cats lick the can clean and save water ?

This is just an idea for you... In fact this whole post was dedicated to you. You who landed on my blog by googling "How to dispose of a Tuna can".

Hope that helped!

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