Monday, October 09, 2006

Wanted : Motivation

Well I had great big plans of cleaning my ass off today and cleaning in the basement some more. Instead what am I doing ? Watching Days of our Lives, drinking mandarin-orange crystal light with ice right out of the pitcher and eating PB&J toasts. Yeah. Not so productive. On one hand I want to get up and go cleaning after Days, on the other hand I feel like going on pretending that I'm a princess (a white trash one, drinking right out of the juice pitcher lol) and enjoying my holiday day off. I feel bad that DH has to work today, but I also LOVE having the house to myself. It's so rare that I get the house to myself as we work the same hours and share the same car. You know when you're in a new relationship and you want to spend every possible moment with your significant other and you have a hard time leaving them to spend time with your other friends? We're still like that... is that normal ?


Scatterbrain said... it normal....well you've only been married 3 I don't know....I don't remember that far back...but after 10 years it definitely wouldn't be normal. haha.

Sweet Pea said...

I think it's great that you're still like that after 3 years!!!