Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So Tina the Llama thinks that I'm bi-polar!

Nah, not Tina the Llama from Napoleon Dynamite, but Tina the scatterbrained Llama. OMG while searching for an online picture of Tina the Llama I came accross this. LOL! Who the hell would wear those ? Happiness is... a Llama ? Okay, enough about llamas, this post was entirely not supposed to take this direction.

So yesterday I was venting to Tina about how my world was imploding and all kinds of suckage. Today I'm so giddy happy that she now thinks I'm bi-polar. Well let's not dwell on the suckage... but here's a list of happy reasons to be happy.

  • Last night I found motivation!!! I brought in 2 tropical plants. Okay... I made dh do it because they were too heavy in the big terra cotta pots, but I did mentally whip him. I cleaned the whole kitchen, wet/dried my garbage, baked a banana bread loaf... it doesn't sound like a lot but the kitchen previously looked like a disaster area.

  • Tonight for supper I'm having one of my very favorite suppers! Comfort college invention meal! : Long grain rice + strips of fast-fry mashed looking steak + frozen corn + onions + mushrooms + pepper + bragg sauce Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • Tonight 2 of my very favorite shows are on!!! LOST and The Biggest Loser!

  • Llamas make me happy too I suppose

  • I love greater Moncton. Last weekend our mobile soup kitchen was vandalized. This week everyone is coming together and pitching in, I love that. I love the people here. It really does feel like home. Well I've been living here for 8 years now. There was that time that a little sick girl got her bike stolen and TOO many people tried to help and she had like 12 bikes LOL

  • For lunch today I had a Stouffers turkey-potato-gravy-stuffing frozen meal, it felt like thanksgiving!! (I was craving thanksgiving because we decided to postpone our thanksgiving meal until next weekends because of time shortage.)

  • I have my happy song stuck in my head : Put your records on! (tell me your favorite soooooong)

Have you ever tried Bragg's seasoning sauce ? It's soooo good! You'll never want to use regular soy sauce again. Everyone that I introduce it to looooves it. Do you know what's funny though ? I'm pretty sure that it doesnt say 'liquid aminos' on the labels here in Canada. It just says "all purpose seasoning". I wonder why.

Last but not least... I leave you with this image I found while doing the googling for this post :


Melissa said...

Looks like llamas make that guy happy too, LOL! I don't know how anyone could be sad when looking at that picture. Too funny!
Glad that you are feeling better and I hope the suckage isn't quite so bad. I have one major sucky think happening now, too..will blog about it later. :)

Scatterbrain said...

that picture is just wrong...