Tuesday, October 31, 2006

RSS <3

I agree with Heather. Why the hell aren't all of you blogging recently ? :P Do you notice that when the rest of us are blogging like mad it motivates us to do the same ? I noticed I do that.... So here is some blogging inspiration for all of you. :P I thought I'd share some of my Bloglines RSS feeds. <3 If you're not using Bloglines yet, get on the train! It saves me a tremendous amount of time! I have now filled that saved time with more blogs lol! I'm out of control.. I currently have 63 blog feeds and I can't bring myself delete some. But that's the beauty of Bloglines, the entries stay 'new' and wait for you until you're bored on a Sunday afternoon and have nothing better to do. :)

[Daily Dose of Imagery] - Okay today's image of the day is kind of unusual. The photography is normally stunning. Lori I thought you'd like this one :)

Cooking for Engineers - For Amanda of course!

Popgadget : Personal Tech for Women - For all ofyou, I love this one :)

Steve Pavlina : Personal Development for Smart People - For all you geeks

Dictionary.com's word of the day

Supreme Narcissism

Gah I have to cut this short my boss just called to ask me to do the thing I hate doing the most. I was all set to leave early to not miss any Halloweenies!


Lisa said...

I have become so addicted to blogs it's not even funny. While I really prefer reading those that I know..I've started to get through those to quickly and need to find some new ones. I need a life ;)

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Ohhh, Nancy! I do like that site! Thanks! You rock.