Monday, October 30, 2006

Funky Town Too

I'm stealing Melissa's blog entry title. I honnestly thought that the time change would reboot my mood. It hasn't. I'm dreading winter. DREADING. I don't want to scrape ice off the car windows in the dark mornings before work, I don't want to freeze in my car after work all the way to Steph's work where it's finally nice and toasty. NOT FAIR!. I don't want to shovel, slip on ice, wear a chunky coat, and fear driving on slick roads.

Most of all I'm bummed because 2006 is almost over and when I look back I'm dissapointed in myself. I feel like I have accomplished nothing of value. I have failed to lose weight, quit smoking, etc etc etc.

So this is pretty much why I haven't blogged much lately.... I haven't yet climbed out of my big bit of despair. :P


Melissa said...

Stop thief!! J/k...I thought opening with a joke would lift your spirits a bit. ((HUGS)) girly!!

I am sorry you are feeling down and dreading winter. The early evening are already getting me down and its only been one day! Grr! I hope the winter is as mild as it can possibly be for you this year.

I know this will be easier to say than do, but try not to get too down about feeling like you didn't accomplish anything this year and try to focus on what you did your awesome landscaping, for one!

I can't say I am sad to see 2006 go...this was quite possibly the worst year of my life...though it does hold one ray of sunshine.

Try to stay positive as much as possible, sometimes that helps drive the blues away. Also, St. John's Wort save my life during the long, dark, cold winters in the Northeast. You might want to check that out if you can't shake the blues on your own!

Big ((HUGS))!!

Kelsie said...

Hugs. I don't have any advice to offer on the winter front. Hence the reason I live in the south and not in the north. I don't think I could make it one winter up there.

I also cannot believe that 2006 is almost over! OMG! American Thanksgiving is in like 3 weeks! HOLY COW! Then, Christmas is right around the corner. OMG. I cannot believe the holiday season is about to begin.