Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fall Back.

I can't wait for daylight savings to end. This weekend... One more glorious hour of sleep! Then it shouldn't be as dark and depressing for the drive to work in the morning. It really sucks to drive to work in the dark and drive back home in the dark. Fall has already lost it's novelty for me. It would help if it wasn't so darn grey and wet everyday. I'm waiting for a nice and bright sunny day to go for a walk at Centennial and Mapleton park and bring my camera.

I want to blog, but it's been so long (5 days! WOOooo what did I do before I entered the blogosphere?) I feel rusty. Well there's also something else bothering me.... (see ? I can't seem to formulate normal sentences..) I'm waiting until my coworkers are ready to get on the road. Today is our annual "Fall Fun Day" in F'ton. Woopdeedoo. *kill me now*. To make matters worst they have decided to inflict an all staff meeting upon us before the "festivities" start. Let's hope that the person who planned the activities last year had been replaced. I'm sure I've blogged about last year's "Fun" games, like the one consisting of people in groups of 10 standing in a circle each with a toothpick in our mouths waiting for further instructions, then they distributed a Lifesaver (as in the tiny TINY candy) to each group and without the help of our hansd we had to make the Lifesaver go around the circle..... (did i mention that most people that I work with are above the age of 50 ?)

There was also the game where they divided us into groups of 4 and made the women at on end of a field, holding a roll of toilet paper between our thighs, and the men at the other end of the field with empty paper towel rolls between their knees..... yeah you see where this is going don't you ? Hopping old men trying to keep their stick up straight and then try to penetrate our toilet paper rolls. Honnestly though, as horrified as I was at first I couldnt help but almost DIE of laughter during this game hehe. Sometimes the height different was just too hilarious. J fell on top of the deputy minister and almost died of embarrassment. I actually have pictures of those shenanigans, but I'm too lazy to blur out all their faces hehe.

What sucks is that we're carpooling and J and G decided that they were too "busy" to stay over. We're coming back tonight around 10. UGH! M and P are staying over but they're not coming right away tomorrow so that's not an option. To me Fun part of Fun Day is actually after the event when a bunch of us usually gathers in someone's hotel room, shed our civil servant faces and turn into party animals. Last year was a BLAST! Seriously. So I'm really bummed about missing that. Just going there for the Staff meeting and the "Fun Day" ? Are you kidding me ? Ah well, maybe it wouldn't have been like last year anyway. See last year was the first time that the after party morphed into such big proportions. When I got back to my hotel room the next morning (yeah..) I called DH and told him : OMG You won't believe this!hehe

I'll be back tonight or tomorrow with "Fun Day" updates :)

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Hobby Chef said...

Ugh, I hate crap like that. Hope you have lots of "fun."