Friday, September 08, 2006

Why don't I want to be with someone so Rock n' Roll ?

We were sitting in some random bar, listening to a random band with random friends. I was sitting on the same side of the table as him, my back to him, watching the band perform. He tapped me on the shoulder. I turned turned my head around. He looked sad. I turned the rest of me to face him. Then he said : Why don't you want to be with someone so Rock n' Roll ? Who are you to judge the acceptable level of Rock n' Rollness in society ? Look at you, with your black top and your tattoos. YOU're SO f'kin' Rock n' Roll. So why can't you be with me ? BWAMP BWAMP BWAMP BWAMP!

That's the conversation I had with Lukas Rossi just before the alarm clock went off this morning! heh

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Amanda said...

I don't know why this post made me think of it, but I have this sickening schoolgirl crush on Chris Carrabas from Dashboard Confessional. So much so that one of his songs was J's and my first dance at our wedding. J's aware of this. At any rate, I KNOW I can't change J, but part of me wishes I could make him a little more rock n' roll. He's got the haircut. The earrings. The guitarist in a band past. Would a couple of tattoos and some hair dye be too much to ask? Really? I'm not trying to turn him into Chris, certainly...I just think J's really hot and this would make him hotter. For me, at any rate. LOL.
Why must I be so rock n' roll (obsessed) with MY tattoos, hair dye, and piercings? :P :P