Tuesday, September 19, 2006

SnoPea's recipe isn't good..

It's EFFING Delicious!!! Do you believe that everything happens for a reason ? I should write about all the coinkidinks in my life lately, but what are the chances of me now having a very nice and awesome nutritionist at my disposal on my MSN list ? LOL Anyway, SnoPea writes articles on a french acadian website and I read all the articles the other day. I decided tonight to try the "Souper au porc enroule"tonight. DH was panicking when he saw all the veggies going in there...

The house quickly filled with the delicious aroma. I sliced an english cucumber and local tomatoes to go with it. We sat down to eat and I couldn't believe how GOOD it was for a 'healthy' meal!! I asked DH if he thought it was good and he said " I guess.. but I'd still rather be eating Kraft Dinner" *rolls eyes*. Yeah I'd like to be eating a cheesecake too but come on, make an effort! So anyways he finishes eating and freakin' LICKS his plate clean. I SHIT you not! He licked a plate that vegetables had touched. Amazing!!!

SnoPea, are you sure that this recipe is really healthy ? It's too good to be healthy. Really. Got more ? hehehe

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Sno Pea said...

LOL. I got plenty my friend. Only problem is, I haven't written on that website in over a year LMAO. LOL. But I can certainly put some on my blogs if you want to try some.