Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm so ready for the long weekend!!

3 more days! This weekend it's the V family reunion. I REALLY don't feel like going. Dh's family are all nice people, but for some reason they don't seem to consider us part of the adult gang since we don't have children. And we're too old to hang out with the kids gang. It happens in my family too. We're stuck in the middle. Apparently people seem to think that when you don't yet have wrinkles and grey hair, and are childless, you're still a kid. You're also the perfect babysitter.

Other reasons that make me want to stay home and clean my basement (yeah yeah yeah :P) are : 1- The bathroom situation. Normally at the reunion everyone brings their tents and campers and all park on an uncle's huge yard. He has a pool and tennis court and a tiki hut bar and a stage for the kids to do little variety shows and all. It's like their own personaly camping park. So we're not campers. We normally sleep in the in law's camper trailer. (Which can't really be considered roughing it anyways since they have air conditionning and a tv/dvd etc in there. BUT the puny tiny bathroom is right next to the in laws bed, as in, when I have to go drop a log, I'm literally separated by only 6 inches and a cardboard wall from FIL's head. And I have IBS, so I'm normally so nervous about the reunion that I spend 1/2 my time in the bathroom. Trying to do my business silently especially at night since FIL's head is 6 inches away. It always backfires. My supressed farts end up sounding like a herd of tiny elephants trumpeting in dismay. TMI. I know, but this is REALLY a legitimate concern for me. I start stressing over the next family reunion the day the current one ends. I really do.

2- The first time I ever met dh's extended family was at my wedding shower. Then at my wedding, then at the next 2 family reunions. DH really isn't close to his family. He's really uncomfortable and shy around them.... so imagine me.

Oh yeah, about the being classified as a kid since we have no kid..... At the family reunion last year during the last day's kids variety show, the kids had set up a fake store at the tiki hut bar and were selling us our own booze and junk food that we brought, for a dollar. (So that they would make money with their little show. They also do a 50/50 draw which the winner always gives back his /50 winnings to the kids hehe) So anyways, I go to the bar with my dollar and order one of my Baccardis that I had brought. The little girl tells me, uncomfortably : Um.... well alcohol is only for the grown ups. HAH! Too funny :)

Oh yeah and they always have a cake to celebrate the birthdays of everyone that turned 50 that year. (I'll probably go for my piece of cake when I turn 50... in 23 years.) Of course I took a piece of cake. A corner piece. YUM! Dh's grandmother looks at me and makes a face and yells : You're gonna CROAK! I said : no no no, I injected insulin into the piece. I'm so used to being sarcastic. Thankfully she has a sense of humour and laughed it off hehe.

So, advice please. Should I suck it up, take immodium and go to the reunion ? Or should I stay home stress free, clean my basement, work in the yard, enjoy the long weekend, have lots of sex and gin & tonics ? :P


Courtney said...

I totally vote for the sex and G&Ts... Dh and I are going to a wedding this weekend. That equals AC hotel room, no toddler, G&Ts for me and lots and lots of sex. So, I'm all about that honey. :-)

Melissa said...

Your agenda for staying at home sounds way more appealing than going to the reunion. I say, if Steph doesn't care about missing it, then I would totally stay home.

Hobby Chef said...

No WAY did you use the phrase "drop a log"!!!!!! Once again, Nancy, you have me in stitches.

Katie said...

I would vote for sex, alcohol, and no inlaws in a heartbeat! We always try and find excuses to stay away from Kevin's family. If you read my post from last night- you'll get an idea why. So really- it's not a hard decision for me. As long as Steph doesn't mind skipping it- and if you're offering sex- I can't say that he would- then I'd say stay home!

Ezbrz said...

I'm with the others Nanc...stay home and enjoy your long weekend.

Scatterbrain said...

I vote for stay home too.