Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I fell in love again

With Rockstar Supernova ! I ADORE that show! I loved Rockstar INXS even though I didn't give a crap about INXS. I love Rockstar Supernova even though their band name sucks, but what a trio coming together to form a kick ass band : Tommy Lee, Jason Newstead and Gilby Clark. This is the stage of the show where they keep getting better and better. I thought Tommy Lee's comment to Ryan Star (Who had just performed "Losing my Religion" on the baby grand) was too funny : " Man, you know that performance is totally gonna get you laid right?" HAH! They seem to have a cute sense of humour hehe The other day after Jenny's performance Dave Navarro says " Man, so sexy... those curves!" Jenny " do you mean me, or the guitar?" Dave " Oh I meant the Les Paul" hah!

Dilana is totally my favorite! I looove her voice, her hair, her energy.

Anyways, commercial is over. Back to watching it hehe

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dflygirl said...

OOOOH now I can't wait....It's only 8pm here...gotta wait a whole other hour...I didn't think I would like Supernova as much as I am not a huge heavy rocker type...BUT imho I think this season is better than last!!!!