Thursday, August 24, 2006

Heaven help me

For I am going to kill my beloved dog. The night before my interview he peed on my side of the bed. Last night he peed on another blanket and on one of my dresses. Tonight he peed twice on the carpet in the computer room in the span of 15 minutes after I had spent an hour scrubbbing the carpet in here today. *screams* And that's not even mentionning the usual peeing that I'm 'used' to on the kitchen island, on the kitchen garbage, on teh fridge and on the stove.

I LOVE this dog. I can't afford to have him destroy everything I've worked so hard for.

Nobody wants to adopt him. They all know his mischievous ways.

Steph now says that I can bring him to the SPCA if I want to, but that he can't do it. I'd have to do it. Um HELLO, I was the one waiting in the car in a blubbering mess when he dropped off the cat this spring. I've had dog all my life and I've never ever had these problems. we bring him outside multiple times a day. He's in his crate during the day when we're at work. We hold him on a leash from the time we get back home until we go to bed. Unless we're cooking or something then we tie his leash on the fridge. And yet any time we look away he pees multiple times in the span of a few minutes.

I don't know what to do. I've asked everyone I know if they wanted to adopt him, I have asked 3 people to bring him to the SPCA for me and I'll pay them 50$, and Steph doesnt want to bring him either he says it would be too hard, and it would be way too hard for me too. What the hell do I do ? I love him so much. Should I Just lived with the pee in the bed and rotting kitchen island and have him pee on our new furniture ? Is love enough ? If not, then what do I do?


miika said...

have you had him checked out by the vet? there's got to be something wrong with him, I mean physically. Or maybe mentally?
have you checked out the pet boards? maybe someone there can help?
is there any thing like a dog diaper? Might be worth investing in LOL
I hope you can get this sorted out, though.

Scatterbrain said...

Hi, I'll take you to the spca. I mean take the dog..if you come with me...will he pee in my car though?

Leah said...

Girl, if there is one thing I know, it's the pain of giving up a dog.

I still miss Leto a LOT, when I have to actually sweep under Hannah's chair - when I know if he was here, he'd like all the crumbs up. Or when I'm getting up and he's not jumping up showering me with an annoying hyper amount of affection.

But, I know that our family wasn't right for him, and he wasn't right for us after a while. Coming to that decison was heartbreaking. And really hard.

I agree with Miika - there could def. be something wrong since you guys are taking such and effort with keeping him pinned up when necessary and taking him outside all the time.

I wish you luck in your decision.

If it makes you feel any better, SIL is the one who took care of finding Leto a permanent home. I just couldn't do it.