Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cabin Fever

Technically it's not cabin fever, but I haven't got a clue how to call what i feel. Our vacation is coming up very soon!!! Mine starts Friday the 18th at 4h31pm, and DH's starts a week after that. Earlier this year I had decided to take my vacations at the same time DH would take his, as his stupid work don't allow them to take their 3 weeks consecutively. AND he has to have 2 months between each week. So he took one for the last week of June, one for the last week of August, and one the week before Christmas. Since I don't have to request my vacations in advance like he does (He has to request 2 months in advance.), I had just requested the June one and was waiting to request the other ones. Well I broke down and decided that I NEEDED 2 weeks in a row this summer. Anyways for me Christmas time is almost like a vacation because everyone is so joyful and/or on vacation.

During my first vacation week I have my interview, and I'm itching so bad to do something/go somewhere during my second week. It doesn't have to be the whole week plus the long weekend, just 4-5 days would suit me. I was looking on our provincial tourism website, and we do have awesome attractions around here, but they're all nature related which means a lot of walking. Which means DH would rather jump in a volcano than to spend a vacation walking. UGH! He's so stubborn and his hatred for walking is really annoying. I love traveling, visiting, I love nature. I checked online prices for train and plane fares to Montreal, Toronto, New York, anywhere, and we couldn't spend 5 days anywhere for under 2500$ and that's if we pack some food to bring heh. I couldn't believe that the train fare to Montreal is actually more expensive than the Plane (900$ vs 800$).

What do I do ? Is a vacation even a vacation is all you do is do laundry, clean your house, or feel guilty because you should be cleaning and doing laundry ? We live 15 minutes away from the beach, but he also despises the beach. surprise surprise. I suggested that we drive to Montreal, we could possibly even stay at my uncle's in Chateaugay, and cook and eat there, all we'd have to pay is our gas. (And spend 12 hours in a car each way.) Apparently he worked SO hard on the landscaping in June that he has to spend his time off relaxing (aka in front of his computer getting a tan from the radiations.) And there's no point in reminding him that he lifted ONE stupid rock and did a few wheelbarrow loads of topsoil and that was about it. Oh he helped us unload the brick and flagstone rocks... I suppose it's more exercise than he's had in the past 5 years. UGH I should just stop blogging now before I pull my hair out.


Either I completely give up and make soggy bread and tea for supper, or I go on vacation alone. Would that be completely mean of me ? Maybe I could pitch a tent in my backyard and pretend that I'm camping and when I get hungry I'll walk up to a window and order food and pretend that I'm at a take-out shack. Bah the dog would probably come pee on my tent.


Hobby Chef said...

Actually, I think vacationing alone sounds nice! If DH won't go somewhere, I think you should. This is *your* vacation, too! That being said, just having two weeks off will be nice, whether or not you even leave the house.

Scatterbrain said...

I think you should do what will make you happy with or without Steph, once he realizes you are going without him he may change his tune.

PS, the "pretend I'm at a take out shack and dog peeing on tent has me in hysterics"

Ezbrz said...

This is my idea..come to Ontario..stay at my house..I'll cook you dinner..I'll go to the beach with you (i live 5 minutes away) and we'll eat our brains out!!

miika said...

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