Thursday, July 06, 2006

Spelling Quiz !

Take this Spelling Quiz challenge on and tell me how you scored!

I scored 87% :-S . I SHOULD have gotten 100%! I know how to spell Cemmetarry and Hipocreesee! Doh! hehe

Cemetery I have a pretty good excuse. When I was young me and my best friend Nadine used to watch Pet Sematary II (Stephen King) over and over because we had a huge crush on Eddie Furlong :P I knew it wasn't spelled Sematary but I answered "Cemetary" doh!

For Hipocrisy I really have no excuse, I answered "Hipocrasy" for some reason.

I could have told yall that I had gotten a perfect 100%, but I'm no "Hypocrate" :P

1 comment:

miika said...

Yay, I got 100% :-)

Almost got myself confused with plagiariz vs. plagiarise. Since I originally learned british english, that spelling with z vs. s always confuses me, I'm never sure when it's an american vs. british thing, or you really spell it with a z :-)