Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Little Stories

Nancy Earns Right to Vacation Time :

The other day I sent my vacation request to my boss through the intranet. Yesterday he approves it and the system sends me an electronic copy with a comment from my boss : "Have you been a good girl this year ? If you ate all your peas and carrots I will approve this vacation". (55 year old humour.) I replied : Phew! I'm good! Thank God you didn't say broccoli!!

Nancy with a Fake Blake Eye :

Yesterday I spent 2.5+ hours gardening. I worked hard therefore I counted it as my exercise for the day. I'm sore today so I know I did the right thing hehe. Anyways, one of the thing I did was plant oriental lillies. I came in the house to yell at Steph to throw me a bottle of water at the door and I glimpsed at myself in the entrance mirror and realized with horrow that I looked like I had dark yellow eye makeup around my right eye, like a punk. I had just spent 5 minutes talking to my neighbor and she didn't say anything about my dark yellow eye makeup! It totally looked as if I had applied makeup to both corners of my eye to draw an exagerrated cat eye. I tried to rub it off, but that stuff stains so bad. Ah well, my feet, knees and arms were all muddy and I didn't want to make a trail to the sink yet. So I went back outside and of course my other neighbor came to chat. He asked : OMG! What happened to your eye ? You have a black eye ? lol Maybe I'll disguise myself like a boxer at Halloween and just stick my face in m oriental lillies.

Nancy VS the Hummingbird

Yesterday when we came in from work, Steph snatched the bathroom first, so I was in our bedroom changing and waiting for my turn with the dog. I heard birds at the birdfeeder that's about 6 feet away from my window, so I went to the window to look. There were like 12 of them eating as if it were a buffet. Well I guess it kinda is. Anyways, a hummingbird flies up to the window, about a foot away from my face, on the other side of the screen and hovers there for about a minute. He pecks the screen with his pointy beak! I thought he was going to attack me or something! He could poke an eye out with that long pointy beak! The dog just stared at it, wondering what the heck that was. Then it flew away. I leaned closer to see where it went, and it came back!!! It hovered right there in front of my face, then turned sideways as if to take a better look at me. He flew a little higher to the top part of the window where there's no screen, only glass. He hovered there for about 2 full minutes, LICKING the door. Have you ever seen a long and tiny hummingbird tongue ? Why would he lick the window ? Then he flew away and stuck his face in my roses and lillies. I don't know if he was trying to attack me, or thank me for the meal hehe.


Scatterbrain said...

have oriental lilies too! I heart them, and they're almost ready to bloom!!!

you have to watch those humming birds...hehhe...

Hobby Chef said...

I didn't know hummingbirds had tounges! Gross!

Mindy said...

Do you know I FEAR humming birds? Yep, I do. Do you know they are fierce little creatures, and when food supplies are limited, they will actually IMPALE each other with their beaks? Isn't that CRAZY? ACK! BEWARE THE HUMMING BIRDS!

Yay on getting your vacation time approved!!!!

Ezbrz said...

Confession: I'm scared of Hummingbirds! They freak me right out. When we moved here there were like 3 Hummingbird feeders up but I took them down before I even had a chance to see one of those freaky little devil birds.

Melanie said...


Wow lots of people from the Maritimes!. My brother actually lives in Dieppe too!!

Small world!