Monday, July 31, 2006

Just another not so manic monday..

Back from a really nice weekend. Don't want to be back. So. Very. Sleepy. ZzZ. Only 3 more weeks to go before vacation! Can't wait! I don't know why I can't formulate normal sentences this morning. I'll make an effort. So guess what, I haven't cleaned the basement. It's such a freaking overwhelming task! Instead I spent a nice relaxing weekend. Chantal, Andy and their kids came to visit on saturday. Andy fixed our doorbell and a light fixture in the basement yay! I should invite them more often lol. I finished reading "We Need to Talk About Kevin" and started "Blue Like Jazz". Drank too many Gin & Tonics (But don't worry, I calculated the points :) Shopped at Costco and Superstore. Oh and got addicted to Nancy Drew computer games hehe. (Thanks Tina! :P, Just what I needed, more ways to avoid cleaning the basement!)

So when I came to work this morning there was a sexy 40th anniversary silver Mustang in the parking lot... So I come in and exclaim (a little too loudly) : Wow! Who's got the nice Mustang! (It was supposed to be a joke, because no one here has a Mustang hehe) Judy whispers " Oh it belongs to the client in Matt's office" OOPS! *turns all kinds of shades of crimson*. I was embarrassed until a few minutes later G walks in and shouts " Woah! Nice Mustang!" LOL! You'd think we were a bunch of hicks who've never seen a Mustang before hehe. Besides, what's that client doing here at 8h30 am ? Who does business before 10am? Doesn't he know that our opening time is just a formality ? hehe.

Anyways, Thanks to Mel (Who has a captivating blog by the way hehe) who told us (Me and Tina, and then Sophie) about Spark, I'm off to join Tina and Sophie and create a SparkPage. I don't know why, but it sounds fun hehe. So I'll be back with more later, if I think of anything.


Scatterbrain said...

Glad to hear you had a nice weekend! I still need to come over to sit outside with you....maybe tonight if we don't do a movie?

Melissa said...

Yay!!! Good luck with the whole Spark thing!! So far everyone I have got to join has had some type of success!! Hopefully you will find it helpful!!

Kelsie said...

What?!?! Another?? Please dish. I am dying to know. Referencing your comment on Heather's blog.