Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The big Steamer secret!

WHY hasn't anyone ever told me about one of the best inventions available at Wal-Mart for 59.99$ ? I bought it about a month ago, on a whim after spotting it, but I just took my "professional" fabric steamer out of it's box tonight and assembled it. As promised, after 45 seconds steam was coming out. I ran into my bedroom to grab a really hard to iron short sleeved jacket. OH-MY-GOD!!!! I love this appliance!! Why hasn't anyone ever told me about this before ? It rocks!! I was so exited, I ran back to the bedroom and got one of Steph's super wrinkled Cows t-shirt, and that was smooth as a baby's ass in a SNAP! I can't even express how exited I am. I despise ironing. Especially our gigantic clothes. I love it so much, I think I'm going to kiss my steamer and name it. I'll call it Ishmael. (Saw that Moby-Dick is on sale at Chapters for 12.99$ heh)

So I didn't quite accomplish all I had set out to do during my vacation. We landscaped our asses off (Last time I say Ass in this entry, I promise.) We assembled outdoor furniture, we shopped, and I ended up reading 2.5 books : Everyone Worth Knowing - Lauren Weisberger, Digital Fortress - Dan Brown and I'm halfway through The Bergdorf Blondes - Plum Sykes. We decided against going to Halifax for a few reasons : The long Canada weekend traffic, The Superman Opening weekend crowds, The dog (What to do with him), and the fear that our new garden would wilt and die while we were away. (It was super hot.) We ended up going on vacation : Me in HomeSense, and Steph in FutureShop. :P

My first day back at work was Hellacious. (Thanks Justine for the perfect word!) I had 156 new emails in my inbox, and the last one received was from my boss wanting me to execute and finish a big project by the end of the day. The project had to do with data that another coworker has compiled. At 3pm I was finally done. I call said coworker so that she checks to make sure everything is perfect before I send it off to my boss. And then I open my big piehole and ask a question about a few specific numbers. *Staples mouth shut* After my stupid probing she realizes that she's made errors and actually gave me the wrong data. So I had 1.5 hours to re-do it all. Thankfully since it was her fault she proposed to stand next to me and fetch all the files and help me go faster. I finished exactly at 4h30. At 4h10 Steph calls me and says " Didn't you read my email ? " Me " No.. sorry, trying to finish project before 4h30.". Him "Oh, okay, the boss let us go home early since it's the 4th of July and our mother company is in NY etc." Figures! hehe I was curious so I open his email and it says " Hey! We can all go home now! Can you come get me now ? Wouldnt it be funny if you couldn't, because you always can, and I can't haha!" hehe I don't think he thought it was THAT funny in the end.

Are any of you Gilmore Girls fans ? We're watching the Season 2 now, and I just LOVE it. It's so funny hehe. They had a snowman building contest and they built a Bjork snowwoman LOL! too funny! And Stephane and me always communicate with each other using Michel's accent at least once a day : Ugh, I feel-e li-ke crapp-e on toast-e (french sounding e, have no idea how to spell a french e in english :P it's a cross between "eh and uh") And I've also started naming all my appliances.


Melissa said...

My MIL got a steamer for my SIL's wedding dress...it seriously is the funnest toy, ever! I just couldn't believe how easy is it to use.
I am jealous of your steamer!

miika said...

Is it like the steamers they use at clothing stores, or an iron that just has a ton of steam coming out? If it's the second, I got one of those as a wedding present, and I love it! No need to press down on your iron to get something flat, you just press the button and the steam comes swooshing out and you just lightly scoot over the fabric with the iron. It even works on delicate things that you can't normally iron. And yeah, I probably should have told you about it LOL