Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Received the strangest call....

My purse started ringing about 2 minutes ago, it made me jump. The handful of people that know my cell phone number know that I'm at work at this time. Who would be calling my cell ? Turns out it was this angry man named Paul. He wanted to know why I had called him from this number at 2h30 in the morning last night. Um, I told him that this is my cell phone and that my cell was in my purse at 2h30 in the morning last night and i was in bed. Even the dog was in bed with us. My purse was out of reach and in the living room. He obviously wanted me to apologize or explain myself... or maybe confess. I told him that I was sorry but it wasn't me and I don't know how could this have happened. I asked : Are you sure this is the right number you're calling ? He says : It's not me calling, it's YOU that called. er... okay. He finally hung up. I checked my outgoing call history and the last call I made was yesterday at 5pm to Steph' s office. So either he's on crack, or the cell network is playing jokes on me ?

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Melissa said...

I must admit, that is a pretty crazy thing. I wonder what could possibly have happened?? I guess the guy is just not all there or something; he clearly had the wrong number. Whatever, dude!!
At least he only has your phone number and not address...crazy!!