Sunday, May 28, 2006

Home Sweet Home!

I can't even tell you how great it feels to have claimed my house back. My brother, his girlfriend, her 12 year old son, her 9 year old daughter, their dog Riley, their Ferret Ace, and their dead hamster whose name eludes me at the moment, have moved out today. It was such a struggle to get them out of our house. We even had to pay 150$ for the u-haul, pay for their gas, and physically help them load the truck. I rented a 24 feet long u-haul and they still needed to make two trips. The neighbors couldn't believe the amount of crap those people had moved in. It's hard to believe they came here from an appartment.

Of course there still is a load of crap in the basement that they have to come pick up by the end of the week otherwise it will go to the curb on trash day as they have been warned. There still lay herds of wounded unicorns and mutilated porcelaine dolls among other crap, in the basement.

I'm so dissapointed in my brother. I'm past the angry stage. I can't believe how disrespectful he was, how he took advantage of us. He had the gall to get angry at me because he thought I hadn't helped him enough physically, to move out. He knows about my back problems. He had the gall to TELL me that since they changed his shift at work from 1-9pm, he was going to tell the kids to come here after school from 3-7pm and their mother would come pick them up then. No. No way. They would be here 4 hours a day, eat my food and trash my house ? No way. Let their father pick them up from school and take care of them. It would be different if they were HIS kids. It would be different if the kids would be well behaved and respectful. It would be different if the kids didn't nearly burn down my house three times that I know of.

It's over now. They're moved out. Almost completely. Things will get back to normal.

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Scatterbrain said...

yay, you got you rhouse back!!! I'm so glad your finally standing up for yourself with your brother! YAY NANCY!!
and I'll go help you bring any left over stuff to the curb!

yay again