Thursday, May 11, 2006

Burnt Toast

What do you do with burnt toast ... eat it, scrape it and then eat it, cover it up with extra butter or jam or whatever, throw it away (in that garbage or outside to the animals)?

Do you deserve better than eating burnt toast or do you feel too bad if you waste things?

(Terry Hatcher from Desperate Housewives titled her book "Burnt Toast," she's an interesting lady. Here's what she says about burnt toast, from Barnes and Noble's wesite ..."Toast. We eat a lot of it in the course of our lives. You know when you’re trying to make it and you just can’t get it right? Maybe too brown, or too soft, or totally burnt. Are you the kind of person who tries to scrape off the black? Or do you smother it with jam to hide the taste? Do you throw the burnt toast away, or do you eat it? Up ’til now, I ate it. I learned that from my mom. A loving wife and mother, she always took care of everyone and everything before herself. When I hit forty, I decided I was done eating the burnt toast. I was done anticipating failure. There is a way for us to value ourselves without taking away from anyone else." )

Who would have thought burnt toast was a self esteem issue!?

I just read the above on a message board. The replies were interresting. What do you do with your burnt toast ?

I used to be a scraper. My grandfather used to tell us that burnt toast was good for the blood. He probably just didn't want to waste bread hehe. It's funny because I used to be a scraper, yet I used to like my bread just warm rather than toasted. I loved just ever so lightly golden toast. It seems like the older I get, the more toasted I like my toasts. Is that common ? Is that why a lot of people eat their burnt toasts ?

I recently started toasting my toasts a bit darker. A little bit more golden. I prefer that no part remains white (or brown). I prefer a slight crispiness. If I burn a toast, I'll give it to the dog hehehe. This morning Steph dropped a slice of fresh bread on the floor and the dog looked at him as if he was saying " May I ? Please ? Please daddy?" (shut up, it's MY interpretation of my dog's conversation, and I think if we could hear him talk my dog would be very polite!) So Steph told him to go ahead and the dog proudly brought his treasure to the couch to determine the best way to eat this slice of bread. It was his first. He was trying to bite it, but the bread was so soft that it seemed as though he thought he was biting into air. He finally figured it out and began kind of sucking on the bread.

See this is how bad I'm trying to avoid working. I'm talking about my dog sucking on a slice of bread. You had to be there though, it was really cute.

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Scatterbrain said...

I saw her on Oprah the other day and she talked about her book and about what happened to her! I loved hearing her story and even though I don't know her, I was so proud of her coming forward to help that family and put her uncle behind bars wow!!

I throw away burnt toast, I like mine golden brown.

ciao, Tina