Thursday, April 27, 2006

Six things you don't know about me

So I've been tagged by Melissa! I feel special! hehe I haven't blogged in so long that I didn't know how and where to start. This is just what I needed. Although I don't know if I can think of 6 things that you don't know about me because I always share everything, I'm an open book. Plus I'm pretty sure that Tina and Chantal sometimes know me better than I know myself, especially in times of denial.

1. I buy pretty underwear then never wear it. About once a year, I decide that I'm not a girl anymore. I am a woman. Maybe wearing cute and sexy underwear would make me feel empowered. When I see a really good sale, I stock up on pretty underwear and cute sexy underwired bras. I can't wait to wear them and feel sexy. The next day, I'm going for a walk, or I have to run a lot of errands at work, or I predict that it's going to be an otherwise stressful day so I decide to wear my comfortable worn cotton underwear and my old purple bras with the underwires that poked out then got thrown out long ago. Those bras are so comfortable. I try to justify my choice of ugly underwear with the fact that I have really small tatas, so even though my bras provide virtually zero support, I don't really need any. Tina will remember that the last time I hit an underwear sale, Steph and I got in a tiff because he doesn't see underwear purchase as a justifyable expense on a tight budget. In my defense, I just cannot find a new bra that will be comfortable for a whole 12 hours. I can't!! And it's not a matter of me getting measured for size, they just don't MAKE bras for fat girls with no tatas. The bras I find are either tight around the torso with a great cup fit, OR fit great around the torso with the wind flapping in my cups. Speaking of bras, I just heard on the radio this morning that for the first time in China they are now selling bigger bras to accomodate C, D, and E needs. They explain the growing demands for bigger bras because of the fact that women's nutrition has improved and women are getting more into sports. See, maybe that's where I went wrong. I am SO not into sports, maybe that's why my tata's are not tatalicious.

2. I like big butts and I cannot lie! LOL. Seriously, I prefer my men with a bit of meat on them. I'm not saying that Steph couldn't stand to lose (more than) a few pounds, as I'm concerned for his health. What I mean is that I prefer soft, pillowy men over thin, un-soft men. Maybe it's because I'm so "soft" (to put it nicely) myself that I'm affraid that the possibility of swallowing an entire thin hard man into my abdomen seems real. At that crazy staff party in February, when I danced with a few of my coworkers, one of them was my direct boss. He is average build and size. He was so NOT soft compared with the others, that it made dancing with him really weird I found. The next day I told a female coworker, Wow, when I dance with M, he was REALLY hard. DOH! So not what I meant LOL.

3. I was in a soccer team for a year. ME?! I know, don't have a coronary. One day in gym class I unleashed my frustrations upon a soccer ball and kicked it so hard that the whole class went silent and watched it splat on the opposite gym wall. The gym teacher immediately ran towards me and I thought he would give me shit about it because if someone would have stood in the ball's way, he would have surely been knocked down. Gym Teacher : Was it you ? That kicked that soccer ball ? Me : Y-y..yesss... Him : Woah, you're on the girl's soccer team from now on. My soccer days didn't last long though because even though I'm a kicker, I was certainly not interrested in running after a ball.

4. I know this will sound bad, but I'm mortified of telling anyone what I actually do for a living. As you all know I'm an Administrative Assistant aka Secretary. It's particularly hard to say it to people I haven't seen since high school. I always start by : I work for the government. Then if they pry I'll mention which department I'm working for. Then if they're still harrassing me I finaly tell them that I'm an Administrative Assistant. I wanted to be a pediatrician. Then I realized it was my mom's dream that I become a doctor (and pay for her retirement). Not mine. I knew I wanted my job to make a difference in the world, but by the time I graduated high school I had no idea which direction to take so I did what everyone else did. I enrolled at U de M in Business Administration. I had always been the 'silly girl' in high school. The girl everyone hung out with but didn't date. (Exept for my prom night which is one of the most amazing nights of my life and I'll tell that story some other time.) When I got to university it was a complete fresh start in the life of Nancy, and I was suddenly the cool girl, the party girl.... There was ONE night club in the tiny city of Shippagan. Student night was on thursday nights. When my friends and I would come home from Bradels (the club), there would be a crowd waiting on my appartment deck waiting for the party. Anyways, needless to say I lived it up, I had the time of my life, and I failed economy and struggled in math. I went from advanced math, french and english classes in high school to struggling in University. I finished my first year with a 2.7 and I lost confidence in myself and I quit University and enrolled in Community College in Multimedia Design and Project Management - Coop course. One of the major reasons : there was no math class required. That course had been created 2 years before I enrolled and 2 years after I graduated it was abolished. Only 3 persons in my class are working in the IT field in general. Including our teacher who quit and is now working with Steph. Long story short, I ended up here working as a secretary and I'm ashamed of what I do. It doesn't help that my coworkers seem to look down on administrative support staff. In the same way many of us kind of look down on janitors or taco bell employees. The admin support staff in Fredericton were invited to lunch at the Delta yesterday for administrative professionals day. I was invited too but I declined the invitation since head office is 2 hours away, so it would have been a 4 hour round trip for a 45 minute lunch. Also, I have been on the road a lot lately and I'm going again for 3 days next week. This is highly unusual for administrative assistants in the government. One of the reasons I travel so much is because I'm in a regional office. Yesterday morning I received an email that was sent to all admin staff instructing them to meet in the lobby at 11h45 before lunch as the HR director and the deputy minister had a "Very Pleasant Surprise" to offer. SHOOT! I should have gone. A surprise! What can it be ? Maybe they're all giving us a day off like the previous deputy did 3-4 years ago. I email one of my coworkers at head office and ask her to email me when she gets back from the Delta to let me know what the surprise was. I actually burst laughing out loud when she replied " hmph. The surprise was them hiring a bus to take us all to the Delta so we wouldn't have to worry about driving and parking." Wow. How pleasant. My regional office staff did not remember it was yesterday so nothing was said or done in my honnor. The previous years someone outside the office would normally wish me a happy admin pro day and my coworkers would take me out to lunch at the restaurant of my choice exept the restaurants they dislike. I always felt like they did it more out of obligation. It felt actually nicer this year to not have to pretend like I'm happy that they're pretending to honnor me and the monkey work I do. My self-esteem has never been so low. But I'm determined to work on it this year. How's that for a serious topic.

5. Sometimes, when I'm having an especially bad day, I steal from the fridge and drink one of the bottled beverages reserved solely for the premier of New Brunswick when he's in our office. It doesn't taste any different than my bottled beverages, but it feels better.

6. Two weeks ago I saw The March of the Penguins was playing on the movie network, and I decided to watch it to see what the hype was all about. OMG It was AMAZING! I had absolutely no idea that penguins were that fascinating. seriously. You should watch it. My brother and Stephane were also captivated by the documentary. It's narrated by Morgan Freeman. But the footage is so amazing that you forget it's him. I laughed a lot, especially when they get tired from all the marching and slide forward on their tummies. I cried when an egg froze and the penguin parents lost their baby. It was amazing and I'll watch it again. Chantal knows about this one though because I was on MSN with her while I was watching the movie and I couldn't shut up about it! hehe

Well there you have it! Did you know ?

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