Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We're MOVING!!!!

So we're moving! Moving up north. I can't wait! It's going to be warmer, more comfortable, in a nicer area, closer to everything.... When I decide to do something, I want it to happen NOW NOW NOW. So yesterday I went home for lunch, and right then and there I decided that I wasn't happy anymore in my little sanctuary. I did give it a try. I just don't like it there. So yesterday afternoon at work I announced my decision to DH via IM, and I told him that it was up to him to move with me or stay there. We IM-debated all afternoon long, and he finally decided to move too. We had both decided on a few compromises to allow this move to be comfortable for everyone, and in the end we decided to go a whole different route and found another solution. Yep! We're moving our computer room back upstairs!

Our whole reason for moving downstairs was to have more room. But I gave it a try and there are just too many disadvantages. First of all I think that it's ludicrous for us to be freezing in an unfinished basement, when there is a freshly painted finished empty room upstairs. Yes, we were right next to the gym in the basement, but I was so cold in the basement all the time that I spent my evenings wrapped up in a blanket, wearing dh's gorilla feet slippers. I didn't feel like getting out of my cocoon to exercise. But if I'm not frozen to begin with, the gym is at a perfect temperature to work out comfortably.

The solution we came up was to go buy smaller desks, and a smaller tv stand, which allow us to have a different set up with plenty of room. Our old corner desks will stay in the basement for now, but they are really not that sturdy anymore because dh tried to take the lazy way out and move them with all our computer equipment on it this fall when the painter was there. When he tried to move his desk, the legs went CRACK! You'd *think* that he would have learned from his mistake but nooo.. He tried to pull on my desk and CRACK! We have somewhat fixed them by screwing screws willy nilly... but ultimately I think that they will will make a nice campfire.

It will be soooo nice to be back upstairs!!!! The move should be finalized tonight, and I will celebrate by watching Lost :) I can't wait, I love that show. Also it will be awesome to decorate the computer room with all my African souvenirs and decorations again! Everyone must be so friggin sick of hearing me talk about Africa. I cannot help it. It's a part of me. I can't explain it. I also had an amazing experience in France a few years ago, but it's not nearly as much "a part of me" as Africa is. In my computer room with all my African dolls, masks, my djambe and other souvenirs, I feel like I'm in my own little African world.

P.S. Weekend goal update : I did... *drumroll* ZERO. Nothing. It was the ultimate lazy weekend. But it was great :) I'm thinking of blogging about every person that comments on my blog, so that my other friends know how awesome my other friends are :) Does that make sense ? Well the iVillage gang all know each other, but they don't know Tina and Chantal and vice-versa. Although Chantal doesn't comment much lately. *points finger at Chantal* :P I might also blog about long lost friends, who knows eh ? Maybe one day someone will read this and they will recognize the long lost friend :)


Kelsie said...

So, when I read the first sentence about you moving up north and it will be warmer, I thought for a second that you must be smoking something. LOL

How can going further north be warmer? Then I kept reading and realized you meant upstairs! LOL

You are funny. Enjoy your new set up! It sounds like it will be really nice.

Laura said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog Nancy. You are too funny! I remember your screen name from Ivillage although I don't visit the marriage boards there as much anymore.

I was also confused at first when you said you were moving north to get warm. Didn't realize you were talking about upstairs! Hope you like it up there!

You've just reminded me to watch my Lost episodes I recorded this week but forgot about. Hope you're having a good weekend!