Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Lumbar Status Update...

Well I went to see the doctor today. I walked out with more pills and another week of sick leave from work. In a way I feel so angry at myself for stupidly hurting my back again, in time for the holidays. I feel so bad for missing work again. (I had TWO weeks sick leave mid-november the first time I busted my back.) I feel dissapointed that I won't be able to prepare with near perfection as a goal for the very first Christmas hosted at my house. On the other hand I'm really enjoying spending a whole week with DH who's on vacation this week. I'm really enjoying a break from my mediocre job and nosy coworkers.

At least I finished my tree the day before I hurt my back. It's gorgeous. (Hmm.. could it possibly have contributed to the back pain?) I also finished purchasing all my gifts on Sunday. I'm pretty glad now that I had previously decided to not wrap my gifts this year. I bought those nice decorative boxes and I'll just stick an extra nice label and bow on them to compensate hehe. I am dissapointed that I won't be able to stand in the kitchen and make batches of Christmas cookies for the first time. In an attempt to still get to decorate cookies for the first time, I bought some ready made ginger cookies in the shapes of snowmen and trees at the Bulk Barn. With decorating paraphernalia. So I can decorate my cookies sitting down. Feeling like Gibert Grape's mother. I have no idea what they will taste like, but they will be darn cute.

I suppose another advantage of being on sick leave is that I now have time to read again. Since I first hurt my back I've read 3 books... which is more than I have read in the previous 6 months! I started with the third book in the Traveling Pants series, then I read The Wedding which is a sequel to The Notebook, and I am currently reading The Only Boy for Me. Well I'm off to read before bed. Taaa!

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